Half Round Galvanized Hangers

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1. #10 Galvanized Combination Hanger with attached Shank (Fascia Mount Hanger)

The Galvanized #10 Combination Hanger (Combo Hanger) is used in conjunction with Half Round Gutters. This fascia mount hanger is our most widely used hanger. The #10 Combination Hanger comes with a Spring Clip to attach the front of the Combo Hanger to the front bead of the Half Round Gutter.

2. Galvanized Rival Strap Hanger (Roof Mount Hanger)

Galvanized Rival Strap Hangers are used with Galvanized Half Round Gutters when it is not possible to connect the gutter to a fascia board. The Galvanized Rival Strap Hanger securely wraps around the Half Round Gutter and attaches to the roof decking (under shingle, slate, etc).


3. Galvanized Gem Circle Hanger (To be used with your choice of Shank for Roof Mount, Rafter Mount, and Special Circumstance Fascia Mount)

The Galvanized Gem Circle is use in conjunction with a shank for Half Round Gutters. The Gem Circle is versatile as it can be attached to various shanks to fit your application. Each Gem Circle comes with a spring clip to attach the circle to the front of the hanger, and a nut and bolt to attach the backside of the Gem Circle to the shank that you have chosen. Below are the Shanks that fit with the gem circle. 


4. #10 Galvanized Shank

The Galvanized #10 Shank is used in conjunction with the Gem Circle. The #10 Shank measures 4-3/4” in length. The combination of these products is used when the gutter needs to be lowered for structural or drainage purposes.


5. #11 Galvanized Shank

The #11 Galvanized Shank for Nailing to Exposed Rafter is used in conjunction with the Gem Circle when no Fascia board is available. 


6. #12 Galvanized Shank

The Copper #12 Shank for Nailing to Sheeting (Roof Deck beneath shingles) is used in conjunction with the Gem Circle when no Fascia board is available.


7. Galvanized Spring Clip

Galvanized Spring Clips are used with #10 Combination Hangers (Combo Hangers) and also with our Gem Circle Hangers for Half Round Galvanized Gutters. Spring Clips are often purchased as extras when working with these types of hangers or purchased as replacements for existing gutters.

8. Nut and Bolt

 The nut and Bolt is often purchased as extras when working with our Gem Circle Hangers.